about DBLOGS

In this ‘data blog’, a single data visual is interpreted by one, two, three or more data interpreters. The ideal interpreter is a person with a vested interest and a bit of experience.

You can be a

Each DBLOGS post is topped by a FACTGRAPH, a focused data visual. The data interpreters come from across the spectrum, from both ends and from the middle, from various angles and vantage points. Stakeholders of all shapes and sizes. Each post is short and to the point. The idea is for the reader to consider one interpretation and then another and another.

One dataset, several points of view. One visual, many interpretations.

FACTGRAPHS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves other nonprofits and the general public. At FACTGRAPHS we can produce data visuals for you, for free. Just identify the data of interest (you can search on BAJJR, the data clearinghouse) or provide your own, as long as it is VERIFIABLE. What is ‘verifiable’? Verifiable data is accessible, published, traceable to its source.

We encourage you to consider the varied and various points of view, make comments and join the discussion in the DBLOGS forum. And we are always looking for willing DATA INTERPRETERS. Are you a data interpreter?