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We conceived of dblogs as a way to get data front and center, and to discuss it in a refreshing and accessible way. Each post in our dblogs is a meditation on a single dataset or data summary. The beautiful graphics are produced by our partner site, factgraphs.com.

Science editor
Joseph DiCarlo

Joseph is an associate professor at the University of Southern California. He practices and teaches pediatric critical care medicine. He guides the science side of this endeavor.

Arts editor
Jane Doe

Jane is an assistant professor of something or other at Dweeble University in Dublin Ireland. She keeps a sharp eye on the arts coverage in dblogs.org.

Student editor
Bianca Al-Shamari

Bianca is a senior at Palo Alto High School in northern California. She is a journalist with experience at home and in the field, as she was inadvertently thrust into the middle of the evolving refugee crisis while on exchange in western Europe.

Paul Vee

Paul by necessity functions as a full-stack consultant while this octopus spreads its tentacles. He preaches temperance.

Tech advisor
Ross Mayfield

Ross is a serial entrepreneur based in Palo Alto. On occasion he guides the ship, or at least rights it when it is wrong.

March 2016

Not all at once.

Summer 2016

In the dark.

September 2016

Lurching forward.

Moving parts

This is where data is discussed in a refreshing and accessible way. We have young writers, old writers, hungry writers, ornery writers . . .


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