What ...?
What ...?

We chose a blog structure wth tags so that a single article (post) could appear in multiple relevant subject areas. And so that a new subject area could pop up as soon there is an interest in it.

How are the graphics produced?

Graphics are generated using one of javascript libraries, such as amcharts.js and d3.js. Many of the graphics that appear in dblogs are available for free use as widgets through our partner organization, factgraphs.com.

What is a factgraphs widget?

The data visionaries breathe life and vitality into otherwise dry and inaccessible data. Widgets are javascripted data-driven visualizations: graphs, charts, diagrams, active graphics. Widgets are big, bad (as in good), tasteful, tasty nuggets of data served up in appetizing colors and configurations.

How are factgraphs widgets made?

To produce the widgets, the visionaries dive deep into the best of the best javascript libraries, like amCharts and d3.js and other stuff that hasn’t even been invented yet. The results are gorgeous and functional.

How do I use a factgraphs widget?

You can incorporate charts and graphs in your own work. One line of code will embed a factgraphs widget on your site.